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Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Devon

Kitchen flooring makes or breaks the overall look of the kitchen and your property or home. Being a high-traffic, high-temperature, high-moisture, and high-impact place, it requires appropriate flooring, design, and structure to withstand constant use and abuse.

If we look at a commercial kitchen, it becomes even more essential to have suitable flooring that can enhance the overall aesthetics of the space, making it more appealing to customers and employees. Moreover, the right flooring helps prevent slips, trips, and falls, preventing serious injuries and lawsuits.

Our high-quality services for commercial kitchen flooring in Devon ensure the kitchen is safe, hygienic, and functioning properly. Our professional kitchen flooring contractors in Devon undertake measures to make it perfect just the way you want.

Rekindle Your Kitchen with a New Eye-Catching Flooring

Resin Surfaces LTD is a reputed name where we provide exceptional flooring services from start to finish. Our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into a reality by providing customised flooring solutions for your residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. We pique ourselves on our work and work hard to meet your expectations and the highest standards of perfection.

We are not just limited to kitchen flooring; we also provide services to make your house entrance more attractive and pathways and driveways more eye-catching. Our team of expert engineers and workers will work closely with you, guiding and advising you on each step of your project to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Contact us, and let’s enhance your kitchen.

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How Can Commercial Kitchen Flooring Benefit You?

The kitchen in your home or a commercial building is one of the most used areas. It has to withstand constant spills, high temperatures, and heavy crowds, so it demands the best kitchen flooring specialists in Devon to get the most out of it. With a team of professional engineers and workers, we get the job done effectively and affordably.

If you hire us to lay high-quality flooring in your kitchen, we can enable your kitchen space to offer the following advantages:

  • Improved Safety with Slip-Resistant Surfaces: Slip-resistant flooring reduces the risk of accidents in the kitchen, where spills and moisture are common.
  • Increased Durability and Longevity: We design it to withstand wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, and other stresses, making it more durable and longer-lasting than other flooring options.
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain: Our commercial kitchen flooring is easy to clean and sanitise, which is an important factor in a food preparation environment where cleanliness is paramount.
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations: We can fit any specific flooring type according to the health and safety regulations to ensure safety and hygiene compliance.
  • Enhanced Overall Appearance and Aesthetics: We sit and select an appropriate kitchen flooring that improves the look and feel of the space and creates a more inviting, warm, and professional environment for both staff and customers.
Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Devon
Resin Surfaces Ltd
Resin Surfaces LTD

Talk to a specialist right now for a free consultation call

Here Are Different Types of Kitchen Flooring

Resin Surfaces LTD understands your needs and expectations when fitting new flooring in the kitchen. Therefore, we offer a wide range of bespoke kitchen flooring options to maintain our reputation as the leading provider of ideal commercial kitchen flooring services in Devon. We can fit the following materials on your kitchen floor, among others:

  • Ceramic Tile – A popular choice for kitchen flooring owing to its durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to stains and moisture.
  • Quarry Tile – Made from natural clay and fired at high temperatures, quarry tile is durable and slip-resistant, making it a popular choice for commercial kitchens.
  • Vinyl – A cost-effective option that is easy to clean and resistant to moisture and stains. But it’s not as sturdy as tile and may get scratches.
  • Hardwood – A classic and timeless choice, hardwood floors add warmth and a unique character to a kitchen but require more maintenance and are not water-proof and suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Concrete – An affordable, durable, and waterproof option that can be painted or stained to complement the space’s decor.
Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Devon

Our Clients Have Reasons for Choosing Our Services

Resin Surfaces LTD provides its customers with many benefits and bespoke services to satisfy their needs. Our goal is to meet your expectations and make you love the end result of every project. The following are the reasons that make our services stand out:

  • 100% Bespoke Services – Our flooring services are customised to meet each customer’s unique needs and preferences, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Expert Advice – Our team of experienced engineers and workers will guide and advise you throughout the project to help you make informed decisions and achieve the best possible results.
  • All-Round Floorings – We provide a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring options, so you can meet all your flooring needs in one place.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – We strive to offer our customers quality work while keeping the price as affordable as possible, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

You must contact our team, ask any questions you have, and discuss your project, and we will guide you and assist you throughout the project.

Get in Touch with Our Team and Start Your Project

At Resin Surfaces LTD, we have experience, expertise, and a team of well-trained professional engineers and workers to complete your commercial kitchen flooring in Devon effectively. We ensure to provide you with the highest standards of work. Connect with our team today, discuss, and let’s complete your project.

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