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Resin Bound Pathways

Resin-Bound Services

We build highly durable and aesthetic resin bound pathways, walkways, and garden paths. The process involves mixing top-quality resin with various aggregates to create strikingly smooth and visually pleasing surfaces. The resulting surface emerges as highly permeable, allowing adequate water drainage and preventing erosion.

Resin-bound surfaces are flexible with high tensile strength and can easily tolerate heavy traffic. They require little maintenance and therefore have low maintenance costs. They are colour-stable (UV resistant) and highly durable. They also come in unlimited design options.

We can help you enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor space and improve the visual appeal of your garden, backyard, and driveways. Our expert team has built resin-bound surfaces for countless residential and commercial properties to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Contact us today and enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Multiple Uses of Resin

Resin has multiple uses, and you can create numerous surfaces from it. Its high durability, reliability, and affordable pricing make it ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

Resin can be used for building driveways which can endure heavy vehicles and stand the test of time. It can also be used for surfacing parking lots and creating pathways and walkways. The vast applications of resin and its durability make it highly suitable for several outdoor spaces. Whether you want a resin walkway or driveway, you can count on our expertise.

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Versatile and Aesthetic

The most significant features of resin-bound surfaces are their versatility. You can create beautiful surfaces by choosing from various colours and aggregate types. Its easy application allows it to be used on most of the existing surfaces without much preparatory work.

Resin walkways can be created in any shape you want, whether straight or spiral. A garden resin path in the middle of your garden will enhance its beauty and make your outdoor space look pleasant. Resin pathways around your garden and in your outdoor space will further add to the visual appeal of your home.

Safe from Hazards and Erosion

Resin creates smooth, highly permeable, and anti-slip surfaces: The surface allows adequate rainwater drainage, and you will never find any water pools on them. Effective drainage also prevents erosion, enabling the resin surface to last a lifetime and providing safety for children and the elderly. Even after years of use, you will hardly see any cracks on a resin-bound surface. Whether you want to build a resin garden path or driveway, you can be sure that the surface created is safe for people.

Resin Bound Pathways
Resin Surfaces Ltd
Resin Surfaces LTD

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Our Process

Our experts follow a typical process for creating resin bound pathways:

  1. Base Preparation: The surface on which resin will be applied has to be prepared first. Preparation typically includes cleaning the surface, eliminating vegetation and debris, levelling the surface, and compacting it.
  2. Preparing the Mix: Base preparation is followed by mixing the aggregates and the resin. The composition of the mixture is kept according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Mixture Application: The resin-bound mixture is poured and spread over the surface, which is then levelled to ensure a smooth finish.
  4. Curing: Once a uniform and balanced layer has been created, it is left to cure. Curing may take several hours to a day, depending on the weather conditions.
  5. Finishing: Once the resin-bound surface has cured, any excess material is removed, and the surface is cleaned and sealed to provide additional protection against wear and tear.
Resin Bound Pathways

Why Hire Us?

  • We offer a wide range of colours and aggregates to create the resin mix that matches the exterior of your home and outdoor space.
  • Our services are priced for maximum affordability compared to the market rates.
  • Our team comprises experts who have spent numerous years in this field.
  • Resin-bound surfaces require little maintenance and can be washed using a pressure washer.
  • Resin-bound surfaces improve the aesthetics of your home and outdoor space.
  • These surfaces can easily be repaired if needed.
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