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Rubber Playground Flooring

Soft Rubber Playground Flooring Contractors

When it comes to playgrounds, the safety of children should be given prime importance. Soft rubber playground flooring ensures that the playground is soft to the touch, and even if children fall while playing, they don’t hurt themselves.

By installing proper rubber flooring, you can also ensure that the playground is not hard on the joints of children who are still growing. At Resin Surfaces LTD, we offer reliable rubber playground flooring services for domestic, public, and commercial applications. Whether you want to install rubber flooring in your child’s room, backyard, school, public playground, basketball courts, or gym, we can customise the flooring to suit your needs and requirements. We offer new installations, replacements, and repairs for your soft rubber playground flooring at highly affordable rates.

Affordable Rubber Playground Flooring Services

Playground rubber flooring is usually prepared from two types of rubbers: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) or SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). The latter is manufactured from recycled tires, making it considerably more affordable than EPDM rubber. SBR is also highly resistant to weather conditions and impact. It is softer and, therefore, safer. It is also known for its durability and resistance to impact and weathering.

If you want affordable rubber playground flooring services, we can help you create seamless and cushioned surfaces that absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries. They are also available in tiles or mats that can be interlocked to cover larger areas.

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Improving the Aesthetics of Your Playground

We offer rubber playground flooring in different colours to enhance the aesthetics of playgrounds and make them more visually appealing to children. Research proves that colours in a playground greatly influence children’s experience and positively affect them. We offer playground rubber flooring in red, yellow, blue, and other fancy colours.

The use of playground rubber flooring is not restricted to just playgrounds. If you want to make your child’s room safer, we can install rubber flooring at affordable rates. Soft rubber playground flooring can also be installed in your backyard, garage, or any place you want your children to use as a playground.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

The most significant benefit of rubber playgrounds is the safety they offer to children. Rubber, as we all know, has a particular bounce that helps children perform better and is safe if they fall. Children feel more confident when playing on rubber flooring and are not afraid of jumping around. Landing from a slide or hanging from the monkey bridge, all become much safer. It should also be noted that playground rubber is eco-friendly and is usually prepared from recycled rubber. All these attributes make rubber flooring a good choice for indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Soft Rubber Playground Flooring
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Benefits of Rubber Playgrounds

Rubber playgrounds offer several benefits over traditional surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or gravel. Some of these benefits include:

Safety: Rubber playgrounds are designed to absorb impact, which can help reduce the risk of injuries when children fall or trip while playing. Rubber playground surfaces are also slip-resistant, which can reduce the risk of falls.

Durability: Rubber playground surfaces are highly durable and can withstand heavy use and environmental exposure. They can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Accessibility: Rubber playground surfaces are wheelchair accessible and can meet the needs of children with disabilities.

Maintenance: These surfaces require minimal maintenance compared to other surfaces. They can be easily cleaned and do not require regular repairs or resealing.

Aesthetics: The surfaces come in various colours and designs, which can enhance the playground’s look and make it more appealing to children.

Eco-friendly: Many rubber playground surfaces are made from recycled rubber, which helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Soft Rubber Playground Flooring

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